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How Dating Men Could Get You Laid (with Women)

Have you ever been surrounded by women, but still couldn't get laid?

Just imagine if you moved from your hole of a hometown (population: who cares), to a bustling city like New York...

The opportunities to meet women every weekend would be endless right?

You would just need a place to live that’s close to the action... A shared apartment in Manhattan would do it.

"Oh, the monthly rent will be HOW MUCH kind sir?"


Plan B...

Williamsburg. The heart of Brooklyn. Rife with bars, restaurants, gigs and revellers.

"Oish, the monthly rent will be HOW MANY DOLLARS good rebbe?... And I’ll be sharing the place with HOW MANY HIPSTERS good rebbe!?"

Never mind.

Plan C...

You settle for a room in an exposed-brick shoebox in an “up and coming neighbourhood” with 5 other naïve young hopefuls pursuing whatever non-career they will eventually not get. And you finally start to feel a sense of community.

You’re never alone on a Saturday night, either.

Not at all.

You can hear all 5 of your ill-matched roommates watching Netflix through your origami-strength walls.

And when the sound of other peoples solitude finally starts to dissipate, the J/Z train will still be passing by your building every 10 or 15 minutes. So you will have reliable, rattling company throughout the night.

But you still gotta pay the landlord's mortgage right? So you land yourself a job.

And boy will it keep you busy.

So when you’re finally done and dusted with your workweek, you can pat yourself on the back, head home, and shlop through your greasy Chinese takeout before passing out into an MSG-fuelled coma.

You wake up with soy sauce dribbling out of your mouth a few hours later, and realize you’re back at square one, sharing your tiny matchbook mattress with no-one...

Except that friendly rat that visits once in a while.

So when your gay colleague hits you with a jovial “Hey stud muffin!” and proceeds to ask you out, you gladly accept, right?

No? You don’t? You have more sense than that? You wouldn't lead someone on by accident?

Well, call me a moron. Because I am one.

What was meant to be a night out with a colleague socializing turned into a dreadfully awkward date over a candle-lit dinner.

I'll save you the details, but I was able to turn his disappointment of not having me for dessert into making a good friend and valuable connection in NYC.

See, the thing is, New York is one of a few gay capitals in the world.

Gay-dom is everywhere.

And as you probably already knew...

Women love gay guys.

I've seen it in action.

I've been mistaken for gay countless times...

And damn near every one of those times was because I was hanging out with my gay friend at a gay bar...

Go figure.

One bartender actually used to call us "Cookies & Cream" because of our contrasting complexions.

But going to those gay bars taught me something valuable that I carry with me for the rest of my life...

The power of a disarming environment.

You see, sometimes women just want to go out and have fun.

Kinda reminds me of that song... You know, the one about girls having fun... What's it called again?

Anyway, women don't want to be hit on and bothered by hundreds of guys on the dance floor

And here's the thing... It's impossible to avoid in a regular bar. But it's VERY possible in a gay bar.

So women flock to gay bars either with their gay friends or other women, or even alone.

But in any situation, their guard is down.

They're not apprehensive. They're not defensive.

They're much more open to interacting with you because there is no expectation of aggressive flirting or pushiness from the guys there.

And you're not an aggressive flirter or pushy guy, are you?

You probably wouldn't be reading this article if you were, and definitely not contemplating going to a gay bar just to meet women.

Well, I made the most of the opportunity. And so should you.

There couldn't be a better environment for a single guy looking to meet someone.

And, it really doesn't hurt to have a gay friend wing-manning you, either.

In my case, it led to meeting women who turned into either great friends, casual hook-ups, or if I'm completely honest, regretful nights, too.

It's worth a shot, and worst-case scenario, you get a whole lot of male attention, which you may find you don't mind either.

But that's a whole different can of sausages to unpack...



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